Therapy Services

Easter Seals LBC Child Development Center

Easter Seals of LaSalle & Bureau County provides quality developmental and speech therapy services to children age birth to three who have a developmental delay or are at risk for developmental delay.

Developmental Therapy:

Developmental therapists look at a child’s global (total) development. They provide play-based services to address developmental challenges. Services are provided in the child’s home, at our locations, and at other community locations chosen by the family.

Speech Therapy:

Speech and language pathologists work with the child to develop skills to help a child communicate more effectively and to address feeding difficulties. Most services are provided at our Ottawa and Princeton locations; however, we do have some limited availability to provide services in homes.

Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy services focus on enhancing or restoring a child’s mobility and functional competency. Licensed physical therapists utilize therapeutic exercises and therapy regiments to encourage independence. They address muscle tone, balance, coordination, range of motion and movement patterns which support the development of motoring skills such as sitting, crawling, walking, running and jumping.

Toddler Class:

A structured developmental playgroup for two year olds that meets two mornings a week. Classes are limited in size and encourage language development, social skills, and sensory activities. Financial assistance is available in most circumstances.

Classes are held in Ottawa, Peru, an

When morning classes fill, we have a similar playgroup in the afternoons for children ages three – five.

Developmental Screenings:

Easter Seals developmental therapists provide free developmental screenings for children six weeks to three. Through play and parent/guardian interviews, a credentialed therapist can determine whether a child is meeting his or her developmental milestones appropriately or whether he/she may require further testing. Parents/guardians leave the screening appointment with a report and information on activities to stimulate further development.

Screenings are provided free of charge in our Center in Ottawa and at locations throughout our two county service area. The LaSalle County 708 Board provides funding to help with screenings for LaSalle County children.


Easter Seals of LaSalle & Bureau Counties staff participate as part of a team to provide evaluation services when it is believed that a child has developmental delays or is at risk of such delays. Evaluations are scheduled through local Child and Family Connection offices. To find the CFC for your area, click on :